Its Finally Time You Considered Wearing a Face Mask

With a number of countries moving to ease lock down restrictions, face masks are becoming the new norm. In Austria, people now have to wear face mask when shopping. In Germany, vending machines at train stations are being stocked up with masks in a bid to help curb the spread of corona virus among commuters. Officials in the UK, though, have stopped short of recommending widespread use of face masks. Until now. On April 28, Scotlands first minister Nicola Sturgeon advised the Scottish public to wear face masks in public spaces where space is too limited to follow social distancing rules.

Across the world, face masks are increasingly viewed as a step out of lock down, with some countries mandating them in public. Despite Sturgeons recent comments, the rest of the UK still isn’t following suit. So, what gives? It’s a complicated and controversial question. There have been concerns that people will rush to buy medical-grade masks causing the NHS to face even greater supply shortages, and that masks could create a false sense of security and lead to a lapse in social distancing. It is also unclear whether or not face masks actually protect individuals against the novel corona virus.

Face Masks: How to Wear, Remove, and Make Your Own

Face coverings are recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Since there is a portion of the population who are infected but not showing symptoms (asymptomatic), the CDC recommends that everyone wears a face covering when in public at all times. Face coverings and masks are meant to protect people from getting infected while in public. They help prevent harmful air particles from entering the mouth and nose.

Surgical Masks are used in healthcare settings and should not be used by the general public. They fit across the nose and mouth, shielding against large droplets in the air. Surgical masks are too loose to protect against all germs, nor will they block the smallest particles that may carry coronavirus. N95 Respirator Masks (also known as medical respirator masks) are tight-fitting respirator masks that reduce exposure to particles including small particle aerosols and large droplets. N95 masks filter out at least 95% of airborne particles.


The scientific debate over the use of face masks to prevent the spread of corona virus is also revealing a double standard, says Babak Javid, a professor at the Tsinghua University School of Medicine in Beijing and a consultant in infectious diseases at Cambridge University Hospitals. Despite the lack of trials looking at how different hand-washing practices stop the spread of corona virus, governments and health institutions still advocated the 20-second rule. There have been similar sorts of [laboratory] studies for hand washing, and they’re equally disappointing, He says adding that there have also been no trials to test the two-metre social distancing rule in public.

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Eat This, Not That! – A Weight Loss Diet Plan Guide

There are enormous ways of weight loss which can help you to lose weight so fast. But some plans used to leave you hungry, unsatisfied and less concentrative. Not only in the young generation the concept of the diet is taking its hype but in teenagers, it’s growing as well. Because they feel it important to diet for maintaining their looks and to stay active. So, several diets can keep you stick to them and are low carb diets.

Here is a weight loss guide plan for you which is as follows:

Go for a high protein diet

In the diet plan, try to eat more protein source items like Beans, cheese, eggs, meat, and nuts. Prefer such kinds of food items in the morning time and for after-school snacks. It improves concentration, attentiveness, and possibly make the ADD treatment work longer. Your meal should include proteins source, fat sources, and low carb vegetables. Generally, we used to eat two to three meals per day. If you feel still hungry in the afternoon, opt for a fourth meal. Adding your meals in this way helps you to intake more carbs to around 20–50 grams per day. Eat plenty of proteins. It is suggested that eating lots of protein may increase calorie expenditure by 80–100 calories per day. The high protein sources include meat, fish, eggs, and plant-based proteins like beans, soy legumes, etc.

Avoid eating carbs

In any kind of diet one of the most important thing is to cut off the sugars, starches, and carbohydrates. By doing so, your hunger level will drop down, and you generally end up eating significantly fewer calories. So, in place of burning carbs for energy, your body will start burning stored fats for energy. Another advantage of cutting carbs is that it decreases the level of insulin, causing the kidneys to shed excess sodium and water. This results in reduces bloating and unnecessary water weight. And it is suggested to go for a low carb diet than a low-fat diet for short-term weight loss. Avoiding carbs can reduce appetite, which may lead you to eat fewer calories without thinking about it or feeling hungry. Simply, cutting carbs from your diet can lead to quick, easy weight loss.

Don’t choose these items

It’s a pretty long list and will have your favorite items in it, but you need to avoid these things if you are following any diet plan. Don’t even dare to eat bread, rice, pasta, fruit, corn, potatoes, beans, baked goods, sweets, juice, and beer at all. Essentially, you need to avoid most sugars and starches. Whole grains like oatmeal don’t even cut!


By cutting the carbs and lowering insulin levels from your diet, you’ll experience reduced appetite and hunger. Whereas, many other things like proteins, vitamins are essential for maintaining health with a successful diet plan. Even though to have the low carb meals to maintain your diet you can check the yummy 10-minute recipes to have delicious food options for you.

Enjoy your diet plan and take good care of yourself!

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Microwaves for You in India

A microwave is a kitchen tool that comes with technology using electricity consumption and this is very helpful for people in cooking. About Microwave, this is a kitchen tool that is using heatwave inside to heat the dishes. Here, for you in India, we have some microwave products to be discussed at this time. Make sure that you can choose the right microwave as your kitchen needs. Best convection microwave oven in India offered for fulfilling your kitchen needs.

Bosch 28 L Convection Microwave Oven

The first is coming from Bosch with its HMB45C453X that made with stainless steel and black color. Bosch has known well in being manufacture for electronic tools. For the microwave, this has its good specifications, and this has the latest science and features that are extraordinary. This microwave has seven modes of cooking and this is built with built-in auto programs. It is fry lite function and it comes with 28 liters of capacity. For warranty, Bosch gives 2 years of warranty to the customer from the first date it bought. This microwave is good in frying where you can fry your food with minimal fat, and this is good for the time-saving. It is also good for cooking such meals like chicken, paneer, and prawns with the most precision. It is also available with a glass turntable that makes this microwave is good in every part of the dish in being heated. About the result of this microwave cooking, there will be more nutrition to be saved if you compare with cooking on the stove. However, this Bosch microwave is the absence of a recipe book inside the packaging.

Panasonic 20 L Grill Microwave Oven GT221WF

Panasonic is a brand of the manufacturer that selling electronic products worldwide. This is using Japanese technology in its standards that makes this microwave perfect as an electric kitchen tool. This microwave is made with easy control use and this has a variety of cooking options. With this microwave, you can make Indian foods such as grilling the Tandoori Rotis, heat the pizza from yesterday party and many more. this is also ideal for small families with its 20-liter capacity inside. Panasonic makes this microwave with a cooking mode that can be adjusted as we need for cooking. More, there are some interesting features that Panasonic applied to this microwave where there is 38 auto prepared dinner menus and for India, this has 26 menu that contains Indian food. This is also great in turntable association that make it sure about the distribution of warmth to all sides of the food. Your food will be tastier in this microwave cooking. But something that makes you hesitated for this microwave is about the location that this microwave product made. It is manufactured in China.

IFB 20 L Grill Microwave Oven

IFB also has its microwave oven that is good as its product in the market. This microwave has good safety features and it is user-friendly that comes from its modes. It is also available for grill option. The 20 liters capacity is ideal for small families and this has a power-saving feature for saving more electricity consumption.

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Three Ways Music Can Help You To Lose Weight

Music is the key to the soul. It can lift you up and put a smile on your face or alternatively it can bring you down and reduce you to tears. Music is powerful and fortunately you can use it to help with your weight loss.

The interesting thing about music is that the same track or song can induce different emotions in different people. If you met the love of your life during a particular song, then you probably enjoy it and feel happy when you hear it played on the radio. Another person may have been cruelly dumped by their boyfriend during that same song, played at the same time somewhere else in the world, chances are this song brings back all that pain, The best financial platform for loan and insurance and hurt the breakup caused.

Have you ever played upbeat music loudly when working out or been to a nightclub and found yourself dancing all night because the music was so good? Music not only generates positive emotions but it can also help to motivate you. Music can bring out the best in all of us, it makes you feel good and encourages us to move or dance. So how can music help you to lose weight?

Here are my top three tips to use music with your diet
1. Choose your favourite music album and as soon as you wake up in the morning put it on. Listen to it as you have breakfast and get ready for your day. It will put a spring in your step and help you to be positive, you will feel capable of anything and that feel-good feeling will carry you through the day. Being positive and happy makes you much more motivated and you will find sticking to your diet easy.

2. Put music in your car. Listening to the radio can help to relax you after a hard days work. If you get home stressed out and grumpy, you are much more likely to go to the cupboard and overeat. Play music in the car, as loud as you like and have a good sing. Putting all your frustrated energy into singing will help you feel relaxed and give your mood a much needed boost. You will get home refreshed and energetic rather than exhausted and feeling down.

3. If in the evening you are bored watching television you will find yourself going to the cupboard to snack on foods. This is a really bad time for all dieters. Turn off the television and put some music on, do your household chores, have a dance with your children, play games or invite friends over for coffee. Not only are you not overeating but you are also spending quality time with your family or friends.

I cannot tell you which is the best song to listen to or even which album motivates people the most. The choice is yours. It will be different for everyone and will probably depend on many factors, age, taste in music, life events, lifestyle, etc. What I can say is have a good look through your music collection and choose several albums, this way you won’t get bored too easily and will enjoy the music. Try listening to songs you used to love when you were younger, it brings back happy memories and encourages you to lose those extra pounds

Think about buying a personal walkman or an MP3 player, both are small are portable ways to listen to music when you out and about. It might even motivate you into going for a long walk.Get some fresh air into your lungs and enjoy it. Don’t look at it as exercise, it is simply getting out of the house to stretch your legs.

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7 Tricks How To Stick To Your Decision To Lose Weight

So, you’ve decided to lose weight. You’re changing your eating habits, you began to exercise… But do you know what the most difficult part is?

It’s the ability to stay on track. Here are a few tips that will help you to stay on track:

1. Remind yourself about your reasons.
Write down all the benefits of losing weight and review it on a daily basis. It doesn’t take long, and it will keep you motivated through the day.

2. Use affirmations
Repeat the positive phrase to yourself whenever you have the chance to or if you need inspiration.

3. Use visualization
Visualize yourself being slim. Imagine how you feel. Imagine what your friends will say. Use the power of your imagination to stay on track.

4. Form a success habit.
First, ask yourself what habits it will take to lose weight. Exercising on a daily basis? Cooking healthy food?

It is the fact that in 30 days you can turn almost anything into a habit. ALL of our habits are formed the same way. By doing something over and over again until it becomes second nature. So all you have to do to form a new habit is to repeat the same action over and over again every day for 30 days. After 30 days it will become a habit.

But here is a catch: you can’t afford to skip a single day. If you do you’ll have to start over again. During the first thirty days, if you miss even a single day of practice reset your 30-day clock to Day One and start from the beginning.

5. Find more time for cooking and exercising
If you think you don’t have time for losing weight, think again. Do you have time for watching TV? Reading newspapers or magazines? Chatting with friends? Well, if “yes” then you definitely have time for weight loss.

You don’t have to eliminate all your activities; you can just cut back on them. Just trim by 10% the amount of time you spend on each of your daily activities. And invest the extra time in losing weight.

6. Fight the temptation.
It is really very easy. All you have to do is prioritize. For example, if you see a pack of delicious cookies in the store and suddenly start craving one, ask yourself: “What do I want more: to eat this cookie or to have a beautiful slim body?” Listen to yourself. Is this cookie really so important to you?

If you’re still craving it use the 10-minute rule. Take your mind off food for the next 10 minutes. If you’re in a grocery store go to the book section and pick a very interesting book instead. Most of the time your craving will stop.

If not, you can take one serving and give the rest of the cookies to your neighbor. Or put them somewhere where it would be a problem for you to get them.

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How to Lose Weight Healthily and Keep Fats Off Permanently

Burn The Fats And Keep Them Off Permanently!

How many times have you heard a friend say, “I am on a diet”? Then what happens is your friend would lose some weight for a while before putting them all back on again.

I’ll bet you have also heard someone said that “Cardio exercise is the best way for losing weight”. This person would then religiously pound the treadmill but results are agonizingly slow. Soon, he gives up and gains back all the weight he had lost, and sometimes even gaining some extra kilos!

Ah, so you thought you’ve finally found the answer to permanent weight loss. You went on a strict diet and ran your heart out. Yes, you dropped kilos real quickly But somehow, something is wrong when you look into the mirror in your birthday suit.

Yes, you have lost some weight, but somehow your body shape isn’t as flattering as you would like it to be. And then suddenly, you hit a plateau. No matter how strict your diet and cardio workouts are, your weight just simply refuses to drop any further. Then horrors of horrors, your kilograms actually started piling on! You get disillusioned with the unrewarding program and soon you succumbed, gave up and blame it on your bad genes. Sounds familiar? Why???

Here’s why. Firstly, the heading of the article said “Burn The Fats” and not “Lose Weight”. My point is, by merely losing weight, you will also lose some muscle mass in the process. By losing muscles, you will lose body tone and thus your metabolism for burning calories will slow down correspondingly. Therefore, you have got to maintain or even build muscles while losing fats. You may even gain some weight because muscles are heavier than fats. See the paradox?

To lose fats and keep them off permanently, you have to combine healthy eating habits, incorporate cardio exercises and lift weights to build muscles. For every kg of muscles you pack, you will burn an extra 70-100 calories per day even without doing anything. Can you imagine the benefits of building up 5kg of extra muscles? You will be burning 350 to 500 extra calories a day even if you just laze around. You’ll be burning a Big Mac every day! To further illustrate my point, 1 kg = about 7,700 calories, thus if you burn 500 calories a day because of the extra muscles you have, you will be burning off about 1 kg every 2 weeks simply because of your higher metabolism rate! You’ll also look good, healthy and well-toned too! Is it any wonder why bodybuilders eat so much but do not put on fats as easily?

Everyone knows that intensive cardio and strict diets cause you to lose muscle mass along with fats. So while you will lose some weight at the beginning, you will look like, well, just a smaller version of you without any muscle tone. That’s not what we want, isn’t it?

As you lose more and more muscles, your metabolism plummets. On top of that, your body will start conserving fats and ‘eat’ your muscles for energy because it is reacting to your strict diet and is now in the “famine” mode. What happens then is that you will hit a plateau and no matter what you do, you will not reduce any more weight and your fats will start creeping up again. This, in a nutshell, is the ‘yo-yo’ dieting effect that we hear so much about.

Losing fats is simple. And notice that I said ‘simple’ but did not say that it is ‘easy’. My pointers will be simple to understand, but the execution will take determination and discipline on your part. It is a lifestyle change to keep the fats off permanently and you will be glad you did because you will get used to the changes in only a few weeks. By then, it will become a cultivated habit for you, especially when you are rewarded with a fitter, healthier, hunkier and sexier you, together with a glowing complexion to boot!

Here is how you do it. Simply, losing fat just means you must burn more calories than you consume. Period.

Lift weights with compound exercises. Forget those puny biceps and triceps curls. Go for big muscle groups like legs, back and chest routines. Why? Because you are working with bigger parts with more mass, and that means more body muscles are working, translating into more calories being expended. If you are fit, do giant sets (4 or more exercises or sets with no rest in between sets or exercise).

Here’s an example. Lift only one set of each exercise with no rest in between the exercises. Choose a weight of about 60%-70% of what you normally lift and go for at least 25 reps. Lift more if you can or until your muscles are fatigued, then stop. Leave the gym. The whole routine should not take you more than 40 minutes. But remember to warm up thoroughly and cool down with some light movements and stretching.

After thoroughly warming up, start with squats, then dip, bench press, barbell row, and military press. Sounds simple? Not so. You will be huffing, puffing and sweating profusely. What is achieved? You will have combined a cardio workout with a weightlifting workout and your metabolism will burn for the next several hours. Do this 3 times a week with at least a day’s rest in between lifting days.

After 4-8 weeks, change the sequence of the exercises. So if you usually squat first, then squat last. Then after another 4-8 weeks, change some of the exercises, like substituting squats with the deadlift, or barbell rows with lat pull down. This is to shock your muscles so that they continue to adapt and grow.

For cardio, go for a run first thing in the morning before breakfast. If you are jogging at normal speed, sustain the jog for at least 45 minutes. If you are running at 65% to 80% of your maximum heart rate (you will be panting and unable to sing or complete a sentence while running), then 20-30 minutes will be enough. Anything more than that may cause muscle break down. You may intersperse the speed with slower jogs in between to catch your breath. Do these 5-6 times a week.

Eating habits? Just eat less of what you normally eat. For example, if you have 2 slices of bread with 2 eggs in the morning, now take just one slice and an egg. Just eat half of what you eat but eat more regularly. Have 5 to 6 meals a day if you can. This is to feed your body frequently so that it will not go into starvation mode and start to conserve fats. At the same time, it will boost metabolism because your body burns calories while digesting the food.

Chuck away all soft drinks, sugared drinks and stop adding sugar into your coffee and tea. Just by abstaining from sugary drinks, you may already have gotten rid yourself of 200 calories per day. Drink plenty of filtered water instead and double the amount if you can.

Oh, by the way, all work and no play make Jack a dull tired boy and an exhausted Jill. Do choose a day to relax a week. No exercise on that day. Indulge in your favorite food if you must and then take the best shower. Hey, pat yourself on the back and reward yourself for passing another grueling week. After all, your body needs to recover too.

Oh, by the way, all work and no play make Jack a dull tired boy and an exhausted Jill. Do choose a day to relax a week. No exercise on that day. Indulge in your favorite food if you must. Hey, pat yourself on the back and reward yourself for passing another grueling week. After all, your body needs to recover too.

As you reach your fat loss goals and you are happy with your muscular development, you can then take things a little easier. Hit the gym less frequently, have shorter runs and even relax a little in your diet. Because of your greater musculature, your body is now a fat-burning machine. You have earned that luxury.

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The Secret to Reaching Your Ideal Weight

There are many books and internet articles written about weight control. However, if you already know the stuff you should be doing, you might want to skip past the next section of this article. For those of you who are starting at the beginning, here’s some useful information:

Energy is measured in units called calories or kilojoules. If you want to lose weight, then the total calories that your body absorbs through eating and drinking must be less than the calories that your body expends throughout the day. And of course, if you wish to gain weight, the opposite is true

You can also help your weight control along by participating in regular daily exercise because this helps your body burn more calories. It does this not only during the exercise session but also for hours later, by raising your body’s metabolic rate. When you exercise, you produce feel-good chemicals in the brain which are called endorphins, and these often help to stop you from reaching for those high-calorie snacks such as cakes, donuts, and chocolate. Also, exercise changes the fat and muscle ratio in your body. Muscle burns more calories than fat, so make sure you enlist all the help you can get by exercising!

So if we have all this information at our fingertips, then why do so many people have such difficulty reaching their ideal weight? Well, I must tell you that a lot of it has to do with your subconscious belief systems. Do you know all the basics, but still find yourself unable to stick to a healthy eating and exercise regimen? You’re definitely not alone.

At this point, I would like to say that if you want to lose weight, then I strongly suggest that you reframe the notion of “losing weight”. So instead of saying you want to lose weight, I would like you to think of your goal in terms of “gaining control of your weight”, or, as the title of my article suggests, “reaching your ideal weight”.

The reason for this, is because your subconscious mind can be a fickle beast, and when you “lose” something, what do you automatically (and subconsciously) want to do? You want to find it again!

So it’s really important to focus your mind towards what you want, instead of what you want to lose, and this is because your subconscious mind works best with positive language. And speaking of which, how is YOUR body image? Do you continuously criticize yourself, or berate yourself for indulging in that triple choc milkshake? If so, STOP right now. If you want to reach and maintain your desired weight goals then you need to make permanent but manageable lifestyle changes, while at the same time allowing yourself the odd indulgence…without feeling guilty!

So, be realistic and work at a steady pace towards reaching and maintaining a body shape that is achievable for you. If you’ve always had a pear-shaped body, then you will not be able to slim down to a straight-up-and-down shape, even if you starve yourself! Don’t fall into the trap of unhealthy eating habits; depriving your body of essential nutrients is every bit as damaging as overeating.

Begin by working WITH your natural body shape, not against it. Send your subconscious mind the message that you love and respect your body. One of the ways you can help yourself along is by using daily affirmations. Start today; write down any negative beliefs you have about your body, and then replace these negative statements with positive ones. Remember:

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Low-Fat + Exercise = Weight Loss

Reducing your saturated fat intake is only part of the healthy body formula. You need to burn more calories than you consume in order to avoid having that excess food stored as body fat. That’s where exercise comes into play.

These exercise tips can get you started on the road to losing weight and keeping it off:

  • Always check with your doctor before starting an exercise program. This is especially true if you have, or are at risk of having, heart disease, diabetes, or you are seriously overweight.
  • Practice moderation by beginning with light and low impact exercises like walking, and gradually increase your intensity as your body begins to become conditioned to increased activity
  • Aim for at least 30 per day of light cardiovascular activity each day. You don’t have to do all 30 minutes at once. You can spread it out over the day if you want to.
  • Easy to do exercises include walking instead of taking the car on nearby errands. Take the stairs instead of the escalator when you’re going to the office or shopping at the mall. Take a walk during lunch time.
  • Start doing things that are both fun and provide exercise. Gardening, bike riding, window shopping downtown.
  • You can make exercise more enjoyable by wearing headphones and listening to music, or doing your exercises with a friend.

Here are some dietary tips that can change, or save, your life:

These foods have been linked to various health conditions including cancer, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart disease. Not all of these foods have been linked with all of these conditions, but each of them are worth avoiding when possible.

  • High in saturated fats, these foods should be avoided at all costs: All saturated fats and oils found in butter, lard, palm and coconut oil, bacon grease.Replace these foods with: Soft margarine (no fat kind), olive, safflower, soy, corn, canola, and peanut oil.
  • These foods contain trans fatty acids and/or partially hydrogenated vegetable oils and should be eaten only in very limited quantities: Hard margarines, most snack crackers, most cookies, corn and potato chips, shortening.
  • These meats contain high levels of fat and can cause serious arterial blockage and heart conditions. They should be eaten very sparingly: corned beef, pastrami, pork and beef ribs, beef steak, ground meat, most frankfurters, pork sausage, bacon, liver, kidney, and processed deli meats.Replace with these foods with skinless chicken or turkey, turkey or chicken frankfurters, ground turkey, occasional lean beef, veal, pork, lamb, fish, and vegetable dishes including beans, peas, pasta, or rice.
  • Try not to eat more than 2 oz of meat, fish, or poultry per day. Replace the rest of your meal with healthy vegetables, pasta and rice.
  • Be careful of fat that’s hidden in dairy products. Drink either fat-free or 1% milk. Replace other dairy products like cream cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream, and snack cheeses with their no-fat or low-fat versions.
  • Avoid eating high fat snack crackers, cake, cup cakes or muffins, and replace them with low-fat baked versions.

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